Sista Sekunden - Don't Blame Us Tape

Yes, you heard that right! (yeah after DV and Blinds, foo. Shit this label is growing slow-ass reputation yo haha)

Soommee moree tappess bluarghhh!!

Eyeless - Gloomy Day Tape
Eyeless continue on the road previously taken with their debut mcd all life ends, but this time the result is even more dark and evil. Their hardcore suffers from strong influences black metal and crust, and I think the dark and dirty sound of guitars, together with texts focused on issues such as depression and suicide, completely envelops the listener generating unease and anxiety.

See You In Hell - Utok Tape
Fast, raw, and powerful hardcore band from Brno, Czech Republic. Imagine classic Swedish style d-beat K├Ľng with the precision execution of DEATHSIDE and GAUZE. They show an amazing amount of restraint in not putting the guitar sound entirely up front and avoiding the whole "wall of sound" approach - meaning more like WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and less TRAGEDY.

Available for RM7ppd

Hellexist/Hellbombs CD

Can't get enough of war? Here you are.

Pagan influenced d-beat crust metal from Indonesia and Malaysia teamed up in crushing CD. Comes with a 7" sleeve and incredible artwork.

Available for RM12ppd

Daighila - Miscellaneous CDr

Daighila is Malaysian five piece emo outfit that took the foundation laid by the bands that ruled euro in the mid 90’s, like Fingerprint for example – and put in addition of metal-driven guitar works.

A collection of previous recordings compiled in one CD.

Now available for RM7ppd

Dead Pigs II

Sneeeeekk peeeeekk, motherfucker.

"All right, I heard this story about one of you band member wearing a nicely defaced t-shirt of this shitty local metal-core band at a show in Klang. What makes it more interesting is that I also heard that some of that band's associates were also at that show. Is this rumor true? Did your band ever get threaten by this? What make that band so 'special' that one of your band members decided to honor that band in such manner (i.e. defacing the t-shirt)?"

"How did the band ends up with 97 Shiki as band name? Can't you think of any other cooler sounding band names?"

Jeng jeng jeng,

Comin at cha.

Jeng jeng jeng,

November 2008.

Tapes, tapes and more tapes!

Comadre - The Youth/Burn Your Bones Tape
Off-shoot of hardcore and punk, played fast and chaotic with an abundance of energy, but with a large focus on melody and tunefulness as well. Their influences can perhaps best be shown by the covers the band has performed live, by groups such as Rites of Spring, Refused, Kid Dynamite, and Suicide File.

Daitro - Discography Tape
Amazing melodic screamo hardcore. Switching it up into a slightly harsher tempo, starting off with octaves and dischords flying at you from all directions, slowly working in the melody under a brick wall of noise, then POW the tune hits in, not quite as rhythmic as the other side, but hell my head is nodding like one of those little dogs in the back of peoples cars driving on rough terrain!

M:40 - Historiens Svarta Vingslag Tape
Excellent crust with intelligent and wellwritten lyrics. Really pissed off scratchy vocals along downtuned heavy distorted but fairly well produced guitars from M:40 who do ScandiCRUST again and well, not that bad thus their energy and efforts they put into their songs make them quite interesting.

Petethepiratesquid - Dont Correct Me If I'm Wrong Tape
Great artwork, brilliant record title and the lyrics are great, too. Speaking of personal experiences and ideas in a stream of consciousness technique way mostly they are very direct and totally indirect at the same point of time. And “here’s a pen, here’s some paper, stop complaining, create your own art” is probably some of the best last words on a record ever.

All available for RM7ppd.

Graf Orlock - Destination Time Tape

"In the hands of less talented musicians, the concept at work on Destination Time could've turned out terribly. Fortunately, Graf Orlock have the talent to back up their outlandish pretention and at the end of the day, the record works with the samples, rather than in spite of them. This record should appeal to fans of power-violence, crust/grind and hardcore with a sense of humor and a serious love of Patrick Swayze."

Released by Utarid Tapes. Now available through Atonal Microtonal.