Dead Pigs II

Sneeeeekk peeeeekk, motherfucker.

"All right, I heard this story about one of you band member wearing a nicely defaced t-shirt of this shitty local metal-core band at a show in Klang. What makes it more interesting is that I also heard that some of that band's associates were also at that show. Is this rumor true? Did your band ever get threaten by this? What make that band so 'special' that one of your band members decided to honor that band in such manner (i.e. defacing the t-shirt)?"

"How did the band ends up with 97 Shiki as band name? Can't you think of any other cooler sounding band names?"

Jeng jeng jeng,

Comin at cha.

Jeng jeng jeng,

November 2008.

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