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Eyeless - Gloomy Day Tape
Eyeless continue on the road previously taken with their debut mcd all life ends, but this time the result is even more dark and evil. Their hardcore suffers from strong influences black metal and crust, and I think the dark and dirty sound of guitars, together with texts focused on issues such as depression and suicide, completely envelops the listener generating unease and anxiety.

See You In Hell - Utok Tape
Fast, raw, and powerful hardcore band from Brno, Czech Republic. Imagine classic Swedish style d-beat K├Ľng with the precision execution of DEATHSIDE and GAUZE. They show an amazing amount of restraint in not putting the guitar sound entirely up front and avoiding the whole "wall of sound" approach - meaning more like WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and less TRAGEDY.

Available for RM7ppd

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